Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Sorry to steal you blog post idea Tara, but I'm feeling random today too:)!! Ha!!

  • Lil Cruz is s-i-c-k. He has a double ear infection, high fever, pink eye in both eyes...and cold sypmtoms to go along with all that. Not fun around here:(. But Momma is giving him lost of TLC (tender loving care)
  • Did I mention on here I found a new love in my life? I have....its really special, its like nothing else, it entertains, it hasn't failed me, it really just seems perfect. Its my new iPhone. Seriously, I.LOVE.IT. David must have picked up on the thousands of hints I gave and got me one for Christmas....and life hasn't been the same since:)!!
  • Speaking of iPhone, my new obsession app is the "Words With Friends". Anyone who has an iphone can link up and play scrabble throughout the day. Obsessed. Love it. I have several games going with my friends and can't seem to stop!
  • New Year, new diet...and guess what is helping me stay on IPHONE! I got the "My Fitness Pal" app that helps me keep track of calories I eat a day, calories burned, and wieght lost. It is wonderful. If you don't have an iPhone, they have an online site as well.
  • Guess who is getting really sneaky in this house...MADDOX!!!! He is really trying to get away with things and thinks I have no clue what he is doing. Its hard not to laugh most times. His face always gives it away. I can immediatly tell when he is up to no good. And trust me, he is up to no good most of the day! Sneaky lil thing!!
  • I have a confession: I watch "Jersey Shore". I do. I'm not proud of it, but I can't stop watching the totally rediculous behaviors of the guidos and guidettes on the show.....(that's what they call themselves!)
  • David is going duck hunting this weekend. I still can't believe my hubby has turned into a hunter. Ugh. Never thought I would see the day. We still have a freezer FULL of deer meat that I have no clue what to do with!!
  • Our church is having a 21 Days of Fasting going on right now. Some people fast from food, others have picked to fast from something else....I chose Facebook! I had been so addicted, I decided to give it up for 21 days. It really hasn't been too bad, but I do think several times a day "I'm going to put _________ as my status"....then I remember I can't! Sad that I think like that! (And if you are reading this on Facebook, its not because I have been on, its because my blog automatically links to it)...:)
  • Back to the iPhone...another reason I love it is because my 2 year old will sit and play games on it when I need some time to get things done. He totally knows how to open apps, close them, flip through them...he is becoming a pro.
  • We are going to Mexico next month, and I must admit..I am kind of scared. I have been there many times before, but all you hear now is about these crazy drug gangs taking over! I'm a lil nervous!

Have a wonderful weekend to mess around on my wonderful new phone:)...gotta love it!


CaseyLew said...

OH NO! I am so sorry Cruzy is so sick! He didn't seem to feel good at lunch, hope he feels better soon. I can't wait to get my iPhone! Between you and William I am so anxious!:)

Amanda Rooney said...

Stinks that your little guy is so sick. I hope he starts feeling better soon...hopefully you've got some drugs to help! :)

And I want to know how you link your blog to your FB. I'd love to do that ('cause I'm not doing the fast thing). Although I took a "computer" break around Christmas. And I have to admit, it was great therapy!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! With dad gone, sounds like there should be some good girl movies in the house! How about Julie and Julia? Haven't seen it, but my sister LOVED it...Maybe I'll watch it this weekend too, and then we can both begin to blog about food! HA!!

Hattie said...

Hi, new here. I want an iPhone too. My husband has one and I still have a no bells or whistles phone! I think it's time to get one. Love your son's name Maddox. I wanted to name our 4th son that, but we ended up going w/ Evan!

Christie Huggins said...

Hey, girl!!! Sorry you have a sick one. Not fun. We had Blake in the ER two Saturdays ago, but he's doing fine now. Well, no one is following our medical site anymore...I guess it's boring...I don't know. So, I have decided to do a blog like a normal family. I was setting mine up, and I ran into trouble trying to create the top banner. Do you mind telling me how all you guys create such cute banners on your blogs? Makes me feel so old that I can't figure it out. lol. Miss you guys terribly. Looks like you all are having so much fun.

Michelle said...

Amy, I LOVE my IPhone too! Funny thing, words with friends is my obession!! You will have to look me up when you need another game to play, ha! I'm: hisbride1100

Sorry the Cruz is sick. I always hate that, I feel so bad for the little guy.

Jill said...

I am really curious to hear about how Mexico goes. I've been there a couple times and LOVED it and I was so bummed when they said it wasn't safe to go there anymore. Then, I heard they killed a bunch of the drug-leader guys, so maybe it's better now. Let's hope so!

An Iphone is on my list of "Wants" right now. They look so fun!

Hope your baby gets better soon. Poor little guy!

Tara Gibson said...

girl i dont know what i would do without my iphone!!

Jill said...

Love reading about your cute little family! I hope Cruz is feeling better! I know you are on your 21 day break from facebook, but when you get a chance I would love to know how you connect your blog to facebook. I have tried to figure it out but haven't been able to. Take care!!! Thank you for the prayers we appreciate them so much!