Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. Fix-It

I just HAVE to share with you what happened to our shower this past weekend. Well, let me go back a few weeks when our shower head started to have a constant drip. I asked David if he wanted me to call a plumber...his answer was no, he decided it would be easier to look up online how to fix it. He found his answer, and to my amazement, he actually fixed it!

A few weeks pass and this past Sunday morning our shower faucet broke (this is what David had messed with to fix the drip). It would turn in a complete circle instead of stopping on "on" and "off". David, again, decided to fix it himself. I was in the office when I heard a loud crash of metal in the bathroom....this is what I find:

Let me assure you that this picture does not capture the true greatness of the water. It was coming out so forceful I think it could take your skin off!
I walk in and ask David, "Is this suppose to happen?" He was struggling to get the faucet back on. I had to leave because I was laughing SOOO hard. It was like a geyser had exploded and water was coming out so forcefully that it was spraying from the ceiling to the floors. Of course I ran and got the camera! Here's Mr. Fix-It getting it under control...after he had to go shut the water off in the whole house!

I kid you not, his eyes were BLOOD SHOT after getting sprayed in the face so hard!

Moving are just a few pics I thought I would share...

Here is Maddox in his personalized shirt Auntie Kim got him for cute!

And here are a few of Cruz, one sleeping, one awake. He is such a sweetie pie!

We're going to go play outside today since the high is 66! I'll be sure to take some pictures and do a post later.


Traci Fritz said...

We had the same thing happen to our shower in our AR house! We hadn't even moved in yet. Dan was checking all of the faucets and when he turned the shower handle it just fell off! We had water all over the bathroom floor. Since it was a new house, i didn't know where the water shut off valve was so it took me a while to find it! The builders come out promptly the next morning and fixed it for us! ;)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I'm so glad you took a picture - I'm sure your hubby's glad too! ;D

Alissa said...

This is a great post! Mr. fix it was SO funny and of course the boy's are such sweetie pie's :)

Rachel said...

That was hilarious!!!

I love that shirt on Maddox!!!!!!

Ruthanne said...

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