Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's new with the boys...

Just thought I would do a quick post and update on what new things the boys are doing.

Maddox is now saying:
* "HA-puls" - apples
* "pups" - cups
* "oh NOOOooooo" I so wish you could hear the full cuteness of how he says this!
* "all dund" - all done
* and anytime he sees food, whether it be on the TV or right in front of him, he gives a BIG "MMMmmmmm". I really need to get him on a McDonald's commercial or something...he could really sell you on some food!

* holding his head up SO good while on his tummy. He likes tummy time more than Maddox ever did!
* Sleeping so good at night! Last night he ate at 11pm and then not again till 5 am....Hallelujah!
* And best of all, we are starting to get more and more smiles. I have not been able to get a picture of one though. Still working on that!

The boys are keeping me so busy, but what a blessing they are to us. When I am holding them both early in the morning watching cartoons (Cruz in my left arm, Maddox on my right...drinking a "pup") I just can't believe they are both MINE! My sweet boys...I love you!


Rachel said...

How sweet!! Can't wait to see pictures of Cruz smiling!

Ruthanne said...

Sounds like your days are full of sweetness!

Bridget said...

Sounds like you are ejoying it!!! You will eventually get a routine that works with 2 of them like getting them to nap at the same time etc...... and you wont be so worn out. I am so happy that Cruz is sleeping so long at night that is wonderful for you :)