Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 6th Months in this World, Cruz!

We had Cruz's 6th month check up on Monday, June 1st. This was his exact 6 month birthday as well. Seems like December 1st was SO long ago. Time sure does fly.

I've been worried about Cruz's size. He's a little thing....which has earned him several nicknames....runt, peanut, lil guy, etc. Maddox was the fattest, most huge baby you have ever seen, so Cruz has thrown me for a loop! At his last appointment he was, I think, under the 20% for his height and weight. Well, Monday we got better news....75% for height, 50% for head, and 20% for weight. He was all over the charts, as you can see. BUT, all is normal and I am thrilled he is getting bigger. Now his new nickname is "string bean". He is such a long skinny thing! No rolls on this guy!

He did have an ear infection. AND, I have to start breathing treatments on him again. I had stopped, and now he's sick again. We go to the pulmanologist (sp?) June 15th, so keep Cruz in your prayers. He has been sick almost the entire 6 months of his life!

Milestones: He is sitting up, eating cereal and bitter biscuits, grabbing everything in sight, (especially food!), and most importantly, he's already driving Maddox nutso! He tries to take Maddox's trains away, grabs for his sippy cup, pulls his hair, you get the idea! So funny! Brothers! Gotta love it!


Rachel said...

Happy 6 months Cruz!!!!! I love your your new header pic!

Alissa said...

We will be praying for him to get well and STAY well very soon :). Happy 6 Months Cruz you sweet, sweet boy!!!