Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Fourth of July Festivies

So my last post was on our laid back Friday night....Saturday morning we hit the ground running and didn't stop till Monday afternoon! So glad we chilled while we could.

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays...right next to Halloween. Seriously. I love these two holidays because you always get to spend them at home, its laid back, and just always a good time!

So Saturday we invited our friends, the Browns, to the lake with us. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate! We drove around, rode the tube a few times, and then the rain came. We headed back to the dock and hung out there under the roof for a good hour +. The funny thing is, no one seemed to mind that we were just sitting there on a tiny boat. The kids where feeding fish, Rachel and I got to talk, and the boys talked fishing.

When I finally checked my trusty iPhone and realized the entire portion of our state and neighboring Oklahoma was covered in rain, we decided to head in. But we had a good time none the less!

Saturday night our wonderful neighbors invited us and another couple over for food and fireworks. We had a great time, I didn't remember my camera though! Ugh! We grilled and chilled and then once the sun went down the fireworks came out. All of our kids are little, so they got bored fast....although us adults were having a blast. To get the kids attention back we set off our big $60 firework. It was the biggest thing I've seen....worth every penny. I actually thought I was going to be hit by it! It had 5 major blast...crazy!!

Sunday morning we were suppose to head back to the lake with the Hamptons, but there was so much rain in the forecast we decided to cancel and move our lake day to Monday. Instead we headed to church, which always does an amazing service honoring the men and women who serve our country...brought me to tears!

That night the church did an amazing fireworks show. We went out to eat with the Hamptons and then headed over for the show. We laid out blankets and chairs and the kids ran wild the whole night. Good summer fun!

Here are Maddox and Ashlyn cracking each other up at dinner:
Me and my girl, Serenity:

I wish my kids would cooperate for photo ops. Here I am in red, white and blue, kids too...we even had a festive blanket. This could have been really cute, but here's all I could get out of them:

I bought some glow bracelets and necklaces for the kids to wear...they ended up making frisbee's out of them....whatever keeps em happy!

I couldn't wait to get some great pics with my camera....but I think I need a class. I spent the whole time changing settings....couldn't figure out which one worked best:

This one is my fave:

So Monday brought our last Fourth of July celebration...lake day with the Hamptons. The kids had a great time, and so did we!


Jill said...

Love all the pics! That picture of you and your boys on the blanket before the fireworks is HILARIOUS! The look on Maddox's little face is hysterical! Love me some ornery little boys! I'm glad you had fun despite the rain. You always look so cute! How about I'll pay you and you can just start buying two of everything and shipping the duplicates to me? ;-)

Tara Gibson said...

love all the pics! you look so pretty in blue girl! and your hair looks adorable half way up!

ps. Missed you guys today! Hope Mad is feeling better!