Monday, July 26, 2010

Water filled weekend!

This past weekend was pretty near perfect! Friday David was off work so we took the lil guys up to the neighborhood pool. I didn't get many pictures because chasing two kids around the pool is crazy!! Especially Cruz, who has absolutely NO fear!

I got this photo when things finally calmed down and the kids were worn out! We went up and had lunch overlooking the golf course after swimming. It was a pretty perfect family day;)!

Saturday we went to the lake. Forgot my camera but I snapped a few with the iPhone. Here is me and my girl Michelle:

And David learned to wakeboard! He was so pumped! He made it look so easy that I had to try. Ummmmm, not so easy! I'll try again though. It looks fun!

Here's the best I could get of him on my no zoom phone:

And FYI: I'm posting this mostly as a test from my phone. Another reason I love this thang!

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CaseyLew said...

Your background disappeared and I can't read anything because your letters are white:(

CaseyLew said...

iOS4 has a zoom for the iphone is you get it.