Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proud of Rogers, Arkansas

You ask anybody...I Love the south, I'm a home grown Arkansan, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I never want to leave, I love Razorbacks, Walmart, Beaver Lake, Ozark Mountains, Little Rock, Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, my home town Jacksonville, but most of all...I love where I'm at right now...Rogers, Arkansas.

So I was super proud to hear on the radio this morning that Rogers was ranked in the top 10 small cities to live in by Money Magazine. You can visit the link HERE.

Rogers was Number 10 in the nation...you can read about my town and what they had to say about it below:

10. Rogers, AR


Top 100 rank: 10

Population: 57,000

Unemployment: 5.8%

If you're inclined to dismiss a small city in Arkansas as a backwater, you're making a big mistake. Rogers is right next door to Bentonville, where Wal-Mart is headquartered.

Given the power of the retail behemoth, many Fortune 500 firms that sell it their wares have moved executives to the area. Lots of them have settled in Rogers, giving it a cosmopolitan feel. (Wal-Mart's CEO, Mike Duke, also calls Rogers home.)

They're drawn by top-notch schools and outdoor activities, including swimming and wakeboarding on the town's two lakes and golfing on its five courses.

(Not all is picture perfect: Rogers does contain some rundown areas.) Though Wal-Mart has had layoffs in recent years, the jobless rate here remains low. --A.L.

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