Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Lovin

I've been MIA from the blogging has been, well, CRAZY!! But thought I would play catch up with some of our summer time activities. So here is one big picture dump!

We took the kids to play golf on Fathers Day, there is a field next to the golf course and my kids loved trying push the big hay bales.Here is Cruz with his favorite accessory...his "bots"...that is what he calls his blankie.Davids family had a reunion in the begining of July. The kids had a blast seeing all of the cousins and getting spoiled.

Here is Maddox getting ready to play tennis with his Nana and cousins. Nana got him a racket for his birthday and he loves it!

Maddox and his cousins, Elizabeth and Catherine.

Nana got out the keyboard and the kiddos LOVED it!
My niece Sloan came up the following week to stay with my mom. We hung out with her alot! My kids LOOOOOOOOOVE her! Here she is with my lil Maddox:
We went to the drive thru zoo one day. The kids loved it...
I took Sloan to get a pedicure while she was here. She wanted zebra toes (too cute) the zoo she was sporting leapord flip flops...her feet were perfect for the safari...:).

It cracks me up how the emus walk right up to your window and check you out. Maddox loved it!This crazy camel actually BIT my car!!! We all was so funny!Maddox has also been doing swim lessons in between all of our summer activities. He has the cutest teacher, Courtney. I used to teach junior high with her parents. They have a pool in the backyard and every summer she teaches private lessons. Maddox isn't swimming yet....but he is a lot more comfortable in the water. Courtney did a great job! We'll be back next year....with Cruz doing them too.
Here is Maddox going down the slide at the end of his lesson:Working on kicks and arms:Courtney lets him pick out a silly band every day after class. So cute!Courtney and Maddox:

That's all for now! Hope everyone has a great day!

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