Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Cupcake Fun

First let me say that I loooooove to make cupcakes!! (from the box, cough) I just like to decorate them and have them out for whatever holiday it may be. Plus the kids love it, too!

But, second, I am the worlds worst at going to the grocery store, talking on the phone as I shop and coming home with all the wrong stuff. (For example: I often come home with two shampoos instead of one shampoo and one conditioner. Or blue mascara instead of black. Zucchini's instead of cucumbers....you get the idea...)

So the other day I got all pumped to make cupcakes with the kids. When I got out my box and started reading I realized, as usual, I bought the WRONG THING. It was Halloween sugar cookie mix!!! UGH.

I decided to go with it. Cruzy was my helper. Excuse the orange icing on his face. He had already been into the Halloween Oreos. Yes, I buy anything Halloween this time of year. We worked hard on the cookie dough:)
But for some reason this is what we got. What the heck???? Not even worth icing!!

I went straight to the store and bought the right stuff. I was so determined to make some cupcakes at this point!!
Maddox loved the mixer!

Maddox was DYING to get into the icing while the cupcakes were baking. I pulled out our sad little sugar cookies and let him practice with the gel icing. How cute is this one. When he finished he said (very proudly I might add) "LOOK, I MADE CRUZ!!!".

Then I asked him to make a cookie that looked like him:

I heart this lil guy.

And these guys too.

Almost ready. I swear I didn't pose this picture. The kid was really that excited to get them out to ice.

Cruzy enjoyed eating more than decorating!! He was serious about this, y'all!!

Although, I do have the cutest Halloween cupcake stand EVER (thanks sis)...the cupcakes aren't necessarily the best looking....

See the one with all the black globby icing on it? Maddox made that one. It's suppose to be a spider. It's still left. Guess no one thinks its too appetizing;).

Happy Halloween!


Walking With The Wheats said...

I love your cupcake stand!!

Super cute.

Jill said...

Your little guys are so cute! I love your little cupcake stand. My kids would love it. I have to say~I seriously cannot tell the difference between cake from a mix and cake from scratch, so who cares. :-)

Kimberley said...

they are darling, the boys that is! :) i was already prepared to ask where you got that cute cupcake stand before you mentioned it. so???? :)

Jennifer said...

How fun! I like the way black frosting looks, but I don't really want to eat it either. I'm always afraid I'll have a black mouth.

Your boys are darling!!! Those blonde heads are so cute!

Boni said...

This is so fun! And, hilarious! I bought some cupcakes but the girls and I STILL haven't made them...hopefully we get around to it before Halloween is over!

Christie Huggins said...

cute, cute, cute!!!! hope I get to see all you guys soon!!! Trying to get Kyle to give me a trip to AR for my b-day. bringing the twins!!! :)

Sara Bell said...

I love the cupcakes! I bought some for Lola to decorate but I'm not sure if she is quite ready! haha and I love love the cupcake stand, but I love all the cute festive things you use!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Those cupcakes are fantastic!!