Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Neighborhood Halloween Carnival

Every year our neighborhood puts on a huge Halloween carnival for all the neighborhood kids. They get all dressed up in Halloween costumes, walk in a parade down to the clubhouse, and then get to enjoy games, food, face painting, bounce houses, you name it! It is a good time!!

We invited my parents to go with us this year. Cruz is the Very Hungry Caterpillar for Halloween. He was NOT HAPPY with his costume. So Grandad decided to read him the story before we left. Well, I guess it worked, because after that we was happy to put the costume on!! Here is Maddox getting all suited up in his Iron Man garb. He was so serious about it!!
What a boy. I told him to go pose by our pumpkins!!

Cruz acted like his hat weighed weighed 50 pounds!! I swear it doesn't!!

Here are the kiddos getting ready for the parade!!

The start of the parade....

Cruzy got tired of walking...

TWO Iron Men!! Maddox and Nikko!

Grandad and Cruz

They had a fire truck for the kids to play on:

Maddox asked LOTS of questions about the firetruck. He looked under it, wanted to know what every little part did. It was really cute!

My boys skipped the face painting and opted for tattoos!

Maddox picked a scary ghost:

Cruz picked a skull and cross bones. And just for the record there were lots of "cute" things to pick from. Cute pumpkins and spiders, little "Boo's"..stuff like that. My boys picked the hard core Halloween stuff!

Game time!

Pumpkin Toss:

This was a game where you were suppose to throw the sticky balls on the wall. Cruz just walked up and stuck them on. It was cute.

Cookie Decorating Station:

And the MOST obsessed with the fire truck was Cruz!!! He looked at this thing for like 30 minutes!!

He. Would. Not. Get. Out.


When I finally got him away, he got his Dad and Grandad to take him back. Again...and again...and again....:).
Maddox loved the bounce houses:

They had tons of candy apples. Chocolate covered ones. And a chef that sprinkled powdered sugar on top of them. Um ya. Good stuff.

More cookie fun!!

Ganmommy helping out:

Maddox with out sweet neighbor kids, Nick and Lily!!

We had a GREAT time!! Lots more Halloween fun this week! We have a Halloween playdate, hayrides, parties, and of course, Trick or Treating!!!
Oh, David took Maddox to Saturdays Razorback game...once I get the pictures from Davids phone I will share....Maddox had a great time cheering on the hogs to victory over Ole Miss!! Woo Pig!!


Olga said...

What a fun neighborhood!

Walking With The Wheats said...

So much fun!!!

I love their costumes :)

kimmie said...

How fun!!! I Want to live in your neighborhood! The boys costumes are too cute!

Tickled Pink said...

The costumes are too cute!!!

Jill said...

You are so lucky to live in a neighborhood that does that! Nathan has Halloween-costume-envy after seeing Maddox's pic on here. Your little guys look so cute! There was a chef making candy apples? Seriously? That's it...I'm moving to Arkansas! ;-)