Monday, October 18, 2010


I have lots of pictures to post from this weekend! Lots of Fall Fun activities. But for now I'm just going to do a cute, quick post on Cruzy.

You see, he's a little stinker. He's old enough to know right from wrong...but smart enough to know he how to get away with anything! When we tell him not to do something, he knows what we are saying. But he cutely says, "OHHHH-KAAAY " he is going to mind us. Then he just keeps right along doing what he wants to do. And he is so stinkin cute it works.

I got a little video clip of him in action today. It was nap time and he KEPT ON GETTING OUT OF BED!! He would sneak out, and peak over the balcony and look at me down in the living room. I kept telling him to go back to bed, and he just gave me his usual, "OKAY!!!", without ever really minding me.

PS. Don't you just love how you can hear Maddox yelling for me in the background toward the end. Ahhhh, a mothers job is never dull. He was back in my room and needed a snack. Sometimes I wish I was 3 and had someone to wait on me hand and foot!! :)


CaseyLew said...

You can't be mad at that, he's too cute!

Jill said...

Ahhahahahahahahahaha!!!! My kiddos and I all watched and laughed at your little guy. My 6 year old is jealous of your balcony, by the way. His little voice is so adorable!