Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puerto Rico!!!!!

So I've been MIA! In puerto Rico! We just got back yesterday!! Had an absolute blast;)! We went with davids work p, which we do once a year. It is always so much fun. They are like family to us. I look forward to seeing everyone each trip! Get ready for picture overload....

The first day we were there we took a catamaran out to a deserted island for do e sunbathing and snorkeling. It was a day long much fun. They served us tons of food and drinks too!!

Here is David and Ian. Ian and his wife Tera are a blast to hang with!!!

Me and Tera!!!

View as we approached the island....

Laying out...that is Puerto Rico back in the distance.

Time to snorkel. Look at the beautiful water!!! We fed the fish bread left over from lunch. You can see the fish swimming around below:

I actually snorkeled too, which I HATE!! I am a great swimmer, but you but that snorkel on me and show me a fish and I start to hyperventilate!!!!!!! But it was so pretty, I felt like I was missing out... I had to try.

That night we went to dinner with Ian and Tera at a local place called Lupi's.

Food not good......

60 ounce margarita.....GOOD!!!!;);)

Next morning it was a beach day. This was our view from the room:

No pics that day. But that night we went to another local place. Here is our face crew to hang with; the mcdonalds, the betts, the turners, and us. We always have a good time together. And laugh a LoT!!!!!

Tera, me, and Joni.

I love this pic....

We ordered another 60 oz margarita at this place. I guess Puerto Rico loves these things. But look how they served a rinsed out milk container....ewwww!!!

After dinner we went back to the hotel. The guys played Texas hold em and the girls played "left, right, center" which I've never played... But it is a new fave!!!!

Random photo... Ha!! That's me in the bottom modeling a purse I bought that day;)!!!

Next day was valentines day. Tera and I decided to drag the hubby's into old San Juan to take us shopping!! Look how pretty the buildings were:

We also visited some old forts....

And I even had flowers delivered to me, I got a good hubs;)!!

That night we had a dinner banquet.

Me, Joni, Debbie, and Tera!

All the guys on the trip. They wore shirts in honor of chet, who is In the middle, and battling lung cancer. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!!!

Most everyone left that next day. We extend our trip one more night. We enjoyed a late breakfast and then chilled o. The beach and then by the pool.

That night we ate at a place called La Perla. It was super fancy shmancy. It was shaped like a giant clam shell. I felt like I was in the little mermaid!!

Our view was the ocean:

Next morning it was time to fly home!! Mom and dad kept the kids for us. I had to hurry home and get them before they were spoiled any more!!;);). (more to come on that). Till next time....

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kimmie said...

I'm so jealous!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!! You look so cute in all your evening the turquoise necklace!

Ashley said...

SOOOO proud you bought the necklace! =))) So pretty! =))

Glad u had a good time, but glad you are back!! HEHE!

Jill said...

What an amazing trip! JEALOUS!!! You two always go to the neatest places. You looked super cute! The few times that I have snorkeled, I hyperventilated too. What's up with that? By the way, loved your story about the grill tools-gift. Hilarious!...Thanks for making me feel better. Things are much better now. :-)