Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Whole Lotta Random

Hey blogger friends!! I tell ya, blogs and facebook are really keeping me entertained while we are snowed in!! I keep checking for new blogs to read!! It is currently 0 degrees here in NWArkansas. Hopefully it will warm up a bit and we can get out and play later.

In the mean time I'm posting some random things I've been meaning to get on here!!

Here's a cute video of cruz.... I don't think I've posted it before. Cruz always tells us when he is happy. It is so sweet. He used to simply say, "happy". He would say it out of nowhere and it would make me realize he was enjoying whatever we were doing.

Then he started saying, "Cruz happy". He is always saying this at dinnertime. He loves when we all sit down to eat together.

Now it's almost like a roll call of who is happy. He says all of our names, including Nash the dog, and says "happy".

I got video of it the other night. I love him.

YouTube Video

A few weeks ago we had my friend Amanda and her kids over for a playdate. Maddox loves her little boy, Harry!! They stayed in the game room the whole time! So I only got a picture of Cruz and Georgia Kelly. How cute are these two??

Cruz went for his two year check up last week. Poor guy had a double ear infection, again! I have a feeling tubes may be in our future:(. He was also sounding really wheezy. Since he doesnt do very good with his inhaler (he fights and screams and I feel like I'm smothering's aweful), they put him back on albuteral with a nebulizer:(. My baby and his lungs:(. If you haven't read my blog very long you may not know, but Cruz has had lung issues since birth. He sees a pulmonologist every 6 months.

Soooo, Cruz is getting extra special treatment. Like popsicles at 7am for taking his medicine and breathing treatments;)!!

Last Friday we had warm beautiful weather!!! Ashley came over and we let the kids run wild, inside and out!! Ashley and I got to catch up and enjoy a sonic drink!!

Can believe this was a week ago!? So warm!!! Now we are deep in snow!!!!

Speaking of Ashley, we are currently partners in a Biggest Loser competition. Our hubbies are doing it too. We both lost the first week... Me 4lbs, Ashley 4.5 lbs!!! We went out to eat to celebrate!

And on a complete change of subject, my aunt Mary Ann, who is my dads older sister, suffered a massive stroke a few days ago. Thanks to the power of prayer she is improving daily, but please add her to your prayer list too. Thanks so much!;)

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Jill said...

OMG~~Cruz is the cutest little thing! I love his precious little voice!

I will definitely keep your aunt in my prayers. What a scary thing!