Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's an IPhone Pic Post!

Before playing in the snow...reminded me of some Southpark charachter!

Naptime, a boy and his dog;)

To cold to play outside, so we bring the snow in!!

Hanging with friends on a snowy night;)

Took the boys to Chickfila one day for lunch. Maddox left with a hurt foot. We ended up having his first set of xrays!! We thought it was broken!! Luckily he was okay! He was very brave!

On our was to Puerto Rico we git bumped to first class. Oh yeah!!! I lived it up. I did not turn down one thing they offered me!!!

Warm blankets....

Wine and dinner....

Our resort had a casino. You can see I won big:/

Going home....

My first tennis injury. (amber, I know your loving this foot pic!!! Haha)

Maddox and Cruz at a birthday party.

Stealing my Sonic ice!!

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Kimberley said...

the snow picture in the shower made me laugh!

and guess what, my niece Kate was at the same birthday party! she's in the second row wearing pink. :) SMALL world!! :)

Jill said...

That's awesome that you got upgraded to first class! Oh, and congrats on your big 2 cent win! You high roller, you! HAHA!! Hope your ankle feels better soon. You need to stay on the couch, like me, where it's nice and safe. Hee-hee! Oh, and I will totally be bringing snow into my shower for the kids. Why have I never thought of that? Genius!