Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here Lately

I've got to admit, I've gotten so busy I just don't have time to sit and blog. I'm sitting outside while Maddox plays and Cruz naps. In between cheering for Maddox making basketball goals I'm going to try and type a sentence! I hope this flows somewhat;)!

Want to know who is attached to my side lately???? CRUZ!

Even when I go to put my make up on he follows me. He sits in the sink and talks to me asking what each little thing in my bag is. He seriously knows what blush is and mascara and where it goes. Scary.

Speaking of my lil punkin, he has been very sick this year. We are on our third double ear infection. I'm pretty sure we will be getting tubes soon. His latest sickness started Thursday night with a temp of 102.9. He's had a consistent 101 ever since. Then he started this nasty cough and wheezing. With his prior lung problems, I really got scared. Sunday night he woke up at 3am and I put him in bed with us. He was sleeping, but not breathing like a sleeping baby. It was fast and labored. I never went back to sleep. I was counting his breathes per minute, so scared he was having an asthma attack in his sleep or something.

It's so scary to have a little one have such problems like this, who can't tell you when they are having breathing problems. can you imagine trying to suck in air and feel like you can't get any? And your to little to grab your own inhaler. It makes me sad.

When I called my dr the next morning they had no appointments, but they told me to bring him in anyways and they would see him. They got me right in and I so appreciated it! Cruz is now on antibiotics, albuteral every 4 hours, and flovent twice a day. Also our daily Singulair and Mucinex!! Whew!

Look at the poor lil guy!

And here's a little funny... Maddox always falls for reverse psychology! I told him a long time ago to NEVER eat brocolli because it would make him grow up, and I wanted him to stay a baby! Well, he loves broccoli now!! Seriously!! He thinks he's doing something he's not suppose to;)!

Yesterday he went in for a snack and came out with this:

And look who joined in:


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kimmie said...

Poor little Cruz...it is awful when they don't feel well. I hope he gets straightened out soon.

Maddox likes to sit on the counter while I put my makeup on too!

Jill said...

Poor Cruz! There is actually a bug going around up here and EVERYONE is getting it. You run a fever for a week (or two) on and off, congestion, cough. It's a butt kicker! That sounds a lot like what he has.

I can't believe you got your kids to eat brocolli by using reverse psychology! That is hilarious! Look at that little rebel child eating his brocolli! LOL!

Ashley said...

Been praying for Cruz to get better!!! Looking forward to our night out tonight! =)


Love Being A Nonny said...

Too funny about the broccoli!!!