Thursday, March 10, 2011


Last Friday I was on the phone with my Bestie amber and we were going over our weekend plans like we always do. David was leaving for Las Vegas for a 4 day work trip. The boys and I had nothing really going on. My only excitement in the entire 4days was going to be Saturday night. I had a babysitter coming to watch the boys for a few hours so I could go to dinner with my friend Michelle, whose hubby's was also out of town.

Well, turns out Amber didn't have much going on either. And at 10:30 Friday night she started packing her bags to make a trip to come to Arkansas for a quick 25 hour visit!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

She got here at 1 pm Saturday. We got to spend the afternoon sitting on the couch and hanging out. It was SO nice! And since I already had a sitter, we headed out to dinner at Crabby's! Ashley and her SIL Julie met us there as well. It was a great little impromptu girls reunion!

And my favorite picture EVER!!!!!

I swear, I'm lucky to have a friend like her!!!!! Love you amber!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we woke up and laid around for a while. My kids were happy to see her! Then we hit the gym and worked out together and had lunch at the club.....just like old times!! I miss her!! (amber lived a block away from me and we spent almost every day together!)

She headed out by 2pm...literally a 25 hour trip! Made my weekend so much better!! Thanks for coming amber!!

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Happiness Is... said...

Aw, so fun! I love that y'all still do weekends even with kids involved - I want to be that way!

Jill said...

Awwww, I'm glad you got to see your bff! Sometimes the last minute get togethers end up being the most fun.

Melissa said...

Aw what a sweet friend! I love having friends like that! Girlfriends make the long days easier and are great for girl chats and complaining too. Love it!