Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Allergy Testing:(

I think I've already mentioned on here how sick my little Cruz has been. It's been really pitiful. He is on his third ear infection this year, and we just had them rechecked after 10 days of antibiotics he STILL had one in both ears:(. Poor punkin, he still manages to smile!

Even when doing his breathing treatments:(

So to try to get some more answers, we decided to get him allergy tested to find out if there was anything else we could be doing or treating to get him better! AAANNNDDD, since Maddox has had a reaction to cashews that ended in an ER visit, we decided to get him tested as well!

So, today, I took my 3 and 2 year old boys to the doctor for a nearly 2 1/2 hour appointment:(! Can you imagine??

They behaved really well considering the situation. The worst of course was when they got pricked all over their backs with little plastic sticks. Tears, screams, horrible drama. This is the only pic I got and I took it after we got home:

Each little dash mark is a spot where Cruz got stuck. It was so sad!!!!

So what did we find out?

CRUZ: no reactions except to grass! They feel he was too little for the test to read accurate....so we have to do it all over again in 2 years! They did put him on Flonaze, so we'll see if this helps!

MADDOX: strongly allergic to cashews and pistachios. He now has to have an epipen around and at school when he starts!:(. He has to have more bloodwork as well. Just to see how severe it is and if there are anymore allergies to foods.

All in all, not a fun day! However, I must say I have the sweetest friends who have called/texted to check on my boys!! I sure do appreciate that! Love my friends! They have been so great to help out while we've been tied down with a sick punkin!!

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Shannon said...

Sooo can relate to this. My daughter is severely allergic to peanuts, treenuts, and coconut. I have to carry benadryl and epipens with me everywhere. She has had airborne reactions and by touch. Its no fun at all. We have to go back next week for more testing. We usually get the skin pricks and blood work done. Hugs I get it :(

Jill said...

You poor girl. That sounds like such a stressful appointment. I hope little Cruz starts feeling better soon. Such a bummer that they weren't able to find out anything about him yet.

Just the Two of US said...

I work at an allergist/Asthma doctor and I know what you had to go through. I have to put this test on many kids everyday and it's hard to do, but I have to think i'm helping people!

Hope he gets better!

Brittany said...

My little guy has food allergies too......if you need any advice just leave me a message or email me:) It's sometimes stressful, but overall very manageable.

Your boys are TOOOO cute!! :)


aWare said...

Okay so pricking Cruz that much is just cruel! Poor baby! Maddox too? You know I do not like that! Harry told me he was allergic to pistatichios yesterday....I think he is copying his buddy! Lets cross our fingers for answers and better Cruz!