Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We have been going to the Little Gym for a full "semester" now. Last week was what they call "Show Week" where parents can bring family and the kids get to show off all the skills they have learned. They also get medals and have a little ceremony for them. It was just adorable!!

We brought my parents to watch. I'm pretty sure they loved every second of it. I know Cruz loved showing off!!! Here he is doing his wheelbarrow crawl: I always get LOTS of hugs at Little Gym. Cruz's class is a Mommy & Me class, I just love the time we get to spend together. In between every activity he will run and give me GIANT hugs, literally almost knocking me over!!!
So cute.

Balance Beam:

Funny story, each week they dump a big bucket of balls out. They are all different colors, and there is ONE black ball. Cruz gets the black ball EVERY week. I mean every. week. It's the only ball he will play with. It is so funny to me. One week another kid got it and Cruz did not know what to do. He came and sat in my lap and just pouted. He is so funny!!

I love him.

MEDAL TIME!! All the parents clapped and cheered when the kids got up to receive their medals!!! Yay, CRUZ!!!!

Cruz kissing his medal:

Class Picture.....

Grandmommy and Maddox:

After Cruz's class every week he eats his lunch. Then we sit and watch Maddox's class. Maddox gets to do his class without Mommy, because he is a "big boy".

However, on this day Maddox decided to have a major meltdown and would not come into class. He has NEVER, EVER done this before. I was beyond mad. He was crying and would not join his class. I think he was overwhelmed with the crowd and did not want to "perform". UGH!!!!! I finally talked him into it...He missed about 20 minutes of the show...but here's what we got:

Flipping on the bars:

Grandad entertained Cruz while Maddox did class:)

Balance Beam:

Learning to flip: (remember the teacher I told you Maddox had a crush on....this is her!)

Maddox receiving his medal!!!

And a class photo!!

And one of the boys favorite people at little gym is Mr. Stephen. He is not one of the class teachers, but he is always out in the lobby and ALWAYS makes time to play and talk to them. They absolutely LOVE him!!

We heart Little Gym...if you have one, I totally recommend it! We have already signed up for another session starting today!!


Kimberley said...

they both look so happy with their medals! great pictures!

The Avra Fam said...

OMG!!! TOOOO cute. Cruz with his medal is priceless!

kimmie said...

HOw cute is that!!! I wish there was a Little Gym around here!!! I love the pics of them with there medals...little Olympians!!! Thanks for the Congrats on my Baby Boy!!! I may have to steal your blog title!! ha! I love reading your blog but now I will be reading it and seeing into my future of what life will be like with 2 boys!! So Exciting!!