Friday, January 28, 2011

Online Obsessions

Okay, so I've never been a HUGE online shopper. I used to do it here and there, when I couldn't find something in a "real" store. However, now that I have an iPad, online shopping has become somewhat of an addiction. The iPad has opened doors that I didn't know exsisted. (Don't tell David, he might return the iPad).
This might sound crazy, but I debated even sharing my new found little secrets. I'm scared if I share that then I might start missing out on the great deals because everybody else will shop these sights. How crazy am I??
Some of these I'm SURE you've heard of, some of them may be new, but here are my new obsessions.

1. Rue La La (I use the iPad app for this, easier to shop than the website).

This site gets me into trouble. The brands you LOVE, prices you can't believe!!! You have to be invited to join. If you are interested, send me and email and I will try to hook you up! They will email you almost daily of what sales are going on. You have about two days to shop, but the good stuff goes FAST. Everything from shoes, watches, sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, furniture, vacations, its all good!!!!

2. GILT for iPad

Oh this one gets me everytime. Just like Rue La La, the sales are quick and the goods go fast. If you are a shopper that gets stressed out easy like me....then just imagine when you pick up your iPad, swipe the bar to turn it on, and the first message you see is "the sale has started". AHHHH, I"M MISSING OUT!!!!!! I hurry and log in!!!! (okay, i'm crazy). So then you start to go through the new items, and this app tells you what goods are already in members carts, so if you want it you better act fast. These marketing people are GENIUS! But seriously, the deals are amazing...

3. So one my friend Sara Lauren recently turned me on to is 6PM....wonderful!!!! Just about any name brand you can imagine...all on sale. Deals, deals, deals. Here's the trick to this one. If you like the price you it. If you wait and go back later...they will jack the price up on you. Sara Lauren told me this, and she was right. I found an adorable pair of Diba sandles for $16 and didn't buy them.....went back...they were $29!! UGH.

4. You've probably heard of ModCloth, but I've only recently began purchasing from here. I have found that the items are GREAT quality! We are about to go on a trip to Puerto Rico and I have been looking for some fun dressesI just bought this and LOVE!

5. Lulu's: You've probably hit this one up or heard of it...but its a great, cheap shopping site. I've ordered some dresses from here and they are cute, but not the best quality....kind of like Forever 21 stuff. But you still can't beat a cute, $38 dress!

6. Asos: LOVE. Check this one out, they are always adding new stuff, so it never gets boring! I haven't yet placed an order from here, but I love to stalk it!!!

Happy shopping, and I must you have any favorite stores to share with me??:)


Ashley said...

LOVE these!! Great post girly! =)

natalie said...

Hey there! Would love to be invited to rue la la!! Thanks!

Jill said...

You're going to Puerto Rico, you lucky, lucky chick! I'm jealous! Love that dress you got~very cute!