Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Shtuff!

  • Is everyone staying WARM? We haven't gotten much snow in NWA yet. Maddox was less than thrilled with the dusting he saw when he woke up this morning. I, on the other hand, was excited and couldn't wait to show him. When the boys came down I brought them to the window and said "SURPRISE!", opened the blinds, and they just stood there. Maddox said ( in the most boring voice you can imagine), "that's not enough to sled in." OooooooKAY......
  • However, we still laid on the couch for a while and got "cozy". Look at sweet Maddox below. Yes, he asked me to pose him like that.

  • Speaking of the little stinker, Maddox....I think I've mentioned before that he is not a "huggy, kissy" kind of boy. I have to take the love when I can get it. (I'm not going to lie, it kinda breaks my heart sometimes....). Soooo, when I was watching TV in bed the other night and he came to me and said, "Do you love me", and I said, "YES, do you need some hugs??" He said "YES!" I jumped on the opportunity!! That boy let me rock and rock him!! We talked and talked. I don't know what came over him but I was soaking it UP!! I even called David back to take a picture because it was so stinkin sweet!! Of course, when the camera came out, Maddox acted silly, hence the blurry head!

  • Okay, on a totally non-kid note.....I have a GREAT new product. When I find good stuff, I just have to share:). We have a new store here called ULTA. I don't know how to explain it, but to me it's like a Sephora, Sally's, Walgreens Beauty Section, and Trade Secret all rolled into one. From low end to high end stuff. I went in the other day and spent a long time shopping for stuff I didn't know I needed. I came across this stuff:
It's Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. You must buy it. I had heard of it before but never seen it, but when I saw it I decided to give it a try. Now, don't think I'm gross, but I don't wash my hair every day. I can''s thick, it's dry, colored, curly, wavy...a big ol mess...I couldn't blow dry this mop every day....much less the stress it would put on my hair.

So this stuff is a dry powder that smells amazing. It "poofs" out of the bottle in a small amount of mist, so thin you can barely see it. You apply at the roots, run a brush through,I even use the blow dryer to give a little volume, and voila...your hair looks refreshed!!! I'm serious, it is absolutely amazing how well this stuff works!!! (and no, no one asked me to say this...haha!!!) I just have to share a good product!!

  • Moving on, I haven't shared a good video in a while. I love the one below and have been meaning to post it. It's my sweet Cruzy! Oh, learning to share....such tough lesson....on this particular morning Cruz had gathered up all of his "choo-choo's" and would not let Maddox have one. I got my phone out to record the big fit he was throwing. I ended up catching him learning to share:). (OH, and listen to my little parrot, Maddox, in the background trying to be the boss!!! ha!!!)

  • And one last thing....everyone on facebook seems to be looking for Snow Cream recipes!! I have one!! I've kept it in my recipe box...I found it in the Kids Directory a few years ago! Hope this helps:

*1 Gallon of Snow

*1 cup white sugar

*1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

*2 cups milk

Directions: When it starts to snow, place a large, clean bowl outside to collect the flakes. When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste, then stir in just enough milk for the desired consistancy. Serve at once!

Have fun in the snow everyone!!

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Sara Bell said...

First of all, I will for sure try that snow cream next time it snows. I have never heard of it, if anything I have heard snow is bad for you. Second, Lola is too a not so affectionate. It breaks my little heart sometimes. And last but not least, I love love the video. Cruz is so cute! Reading your blog makes me happy!!!