Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Stuff

Its no secret. I heart my babies!! Heres a few reasons why:

• Cruz tries to be sneaky, but he eventually tells on himself. Like when he ate a whole roll of pez candy. He knew it was wrong, so he came and showed me!

• Maddox rarely gives his momma hugs. He tells me boys don't do that. But today he was giving me TONS of good lovin. He said, "Sometimes God makes me love on some people."

• when Cruz is happy, he tells you. He simply says, "happy.". It's sweet.

• Maddox loves Cruz so much. He hates for him to take naps because his playmate is gone:(!

• and last, finding funny things like this in my kitchen just makes me smile:

Can you see the perfect little bite taken out of that croissant? One of the little guys opened the box, took a bite, closed it, and went on about their business! Cute.

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1 comment:

kimmie said...

Too sweet!!! Those little sweet moments are just priceless!! I'm sure my Maddox will soon be getting mischevious!!