Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

Happy New Years Eve! I love reflecting over the memories we've made. Here's a look back over 2010. 2010 had it's ups and downs, of course blogs only focus on the ups:). I'm going to put the "downs" behind me and look forward to a new year! Overall its been a great year. I am so thankful for my family and my wonderful friends.

And of course, my year wouldn't have been nearly as fun if it hadn't been for my sweet, sweet little boys! I love them to pieces!!

Now lets look back throughout the months of 2010!!


Maddox loved his new toys from Santa. And it was time to pack up the "baby" toys, Cruz was starting to get too big:(.

And we officially had a walker on our hands!!


We took a trip to Playa Del Carmen!!

And I spent nearly every day laying out that was great!!


We got snow!! Took the boys to my parents house for some play time!!

Grandad and Cruzy! Look how clean his "bots" was then! Wow, its just filthy now!!


Amber invited me to Washington DC for the First Ladies Luncheon! What an experience!! I got to tour Washington and have lunch where Michelle Obama was the guest of honor!! Unforgettable!

We took our pics with a "wax" Michelle before we went in:)!!

Here we were at the White House!

We also went to Little Rock to my sisters Annual Crawfish Boil!! Good Times!


Headed to Kansas City to see my bestie, Amber, compete in a fitness competition. Also had a great night out on the town!!

Also had our first weekend out on the lake...that was an unforgettable weekend...scary! It was the time the kids went out on the tube and the line snapped. Jefferson and Maddox fell out into the water. Jefferson rescued Maddox. So scary!

I didn't take many pictures after that. I was pretty shaken up! I did get this one of Saylor and Cruz:


Back on the lake! This time with the cousins!! With the help of Margaux and Sloan we talked Maddox into getting back on the tube!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Maddox!! We had a Pirate Party in our backyard!!

And my Dad took us all to Myrtle Beach...remember the oil spill....we didn't get to go to our regular destination, Gulf Shores. But Myrtle Beach was GREAT!!

And Happy 31st Birthday to me!!


Fireworks at the Crosses!

Me and the boys!!


We had fun in our pool in the backyard!


Woo PIG SOOIE!! Time to tailgate and cheer on the Razorbacks!!!!

Happy Halloween!! Love, Iron Man and The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

We went to Texas to see the Hutchinsons. While there we saw "Ice" at the Gaylord Hotel!

Happy 2nd Birthday Cruz!! We celebrated at The Little Gym!!

And you just saw our Christmas!! So Happy New Years! Here's to a GREAT 2011!!! Love you ALL!


Gracie said...

Such a smart idea to recap the year! I'm totally going to do this since I've been a very slacker blogger!

Kimberley said...

Looks like you had a fun year! Happy 2011!!

Sara Bell said...

Such a sweet family and a lot to be thankful for! I just have enjoyed keeping up with you! Can't wait to see what all happens in 2011!

Jill said...

Ok, that was a super fun year! You did so many fun things! Happy New Year, girlie!!!