Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cramming all of Christmas in One Post!

Whew, it's been CRAZY around the house. I haven't had time to do my Christmas blog! It's pretty safe to say that we have been beyond busy this month. Trying to do everything "Christmasy" in one month is hard!

This year Maddox begged and begged to do a Gingerbread house. Since I don't do much of anything from scratch, the Gingerbread House Kit was the way to go!

Maddox was so happy!!
Even Cruz got in on the decorating! So cute!:)

Our finished product, before the roof began to separate and candy started falling in.

Here's a pic of my front door, with two cute little elves in front!

How sweet are these brothers??

Christmas Eve night we always go to church. This year my parents stayed in town and got to go with us. The kids behavior was night and day compared to last year. Last year they were HORRIBLE in church! This year they were well behaved and oh, so cute!!!

Ganmommy and Maddox:

Grandad entertaining Cruz with coloring:)

They always to a candle light as well. I was so nervous the kids would do something crazy, but they did great! Cruz was very serious about it. Grandad helped him hold his candle.
I couldn't get a good picture of Maddox, but mom helped him with the candle, and she said he was trying to blow it out. But not in an obvious way. He was trying to do it slowly like she wouldn't notice! Too funny!!

Our blurry family Christmas Eve picture!

Grandparents and their Grandsons:

When we got home we made sugar cookies for Santa. Cruz loved it, but I think Maddox was sick of baking with me by this point. We made so many goodies the week of Christmas that cookie decorating didn't sound like much fun to him!!

Cruz REALLY loved the sprinkles!!

After that we opened our traditional Christmas Eve present: Christmas Jammies!! My dad gets them for our WHOLE family every year! It's been our tradition since I was a baby! Now the grandkids get them too.
Maddox was so excited to finally get to open a gift, but when he realized it was "CLOTHES!?!", he wasn't to pleased!! Haha!!
Got some funny pictures of them in their adorable personalized jammies. I think I will laugh at these pictures forever. Maddox looks like a total goof ball and Cruz was crying because he didn't want to take a picture! LOVE IT!

Cookies for Santa:

My mom making our traditional Christmas Breakfast: sausage balls! We made them the night before so we could just pop them in the oven the next morning.

After the kiddies went to bed, Santa came and left his loot. I know its different at every ones home, but at our house Santa leaves all the presents out divided up by kid. None are wrapped, they just run down the stairs and get to lay their eyes on all the new toys!

This is Cruz's side ( I forgot to upload a picture of Maddox's side, but blogger is so frustrating...I'm not going to mess with it! Sorry!)

Cruz was the first to wake up. We were all downstairs (me, David, my Mom and Dad, and my sister and brother in law). We all woke up early so we wouldn't miss the big moment. Cruz had no clue what was going on, he was scared to come down. Can you see his little head poking over?
I had to go get Cruz, and went ahead and woke Maddox up. He was a classic...ran down the stairs and immediately went for the toys! Priceless!!


Cruz loved his shopping cart!

And Maddox REALLY loved his Spider Man sleeping bag! He's been asking for this for weeks!

My nieces woke up a little later...Here is Sloan checking out all of her goodies:

Margaux was pumped!

After the kids play with Santa's stuff, it's time to open our gifts from one another. My sister had a GREAT idea for a joke to play on Maddox. Since he was so upset about his jammies the night before, we decided that the first present he would have to open would be clothes again! (yes, we are so mean! hahaha!!). I had bought him a Charlie Brown shirt, which I thought he would love, but the stomped away and said, "CLOTHES AGAIN???? Where are all the TOYS?!?" We were laughing SOOOOOOO hard!!

So we couldn't let the fun stop there. I had also wrapped another shirt...so when it was time for his second gift, he got MORE clothes!! He just stood there in disbelief. He threw the shirt down and we were all dying!! I mean I was crying I was laughing so hard!! Just look at that face!!

Auntie Kim couldn't take his sadness anymore, so she let him open a big gift from her. It was that big remote control Bigfoot from Target. This picture says it all!:

Then we noticed Santa at the cookies...and Rudolph at his carrot!

My mom got all the kids Pillow Pets...and every kid LOVED them! Who woulda thought!?

Cruz got a piggy bank and "monies" from Auntie Kim. This kept him busy for a while!

Such a boy....this gun shoots little suction cup darts. Only a boy would think to start shooting up his new toys! Ha!

Cruz and Grandad playing with the new air hockey set:

I cooked Christmas dinner at my house, with the help of my Momma! Here was the table:

Here is a photo of my china which I rarely use. I love it so much that I cannot stand to eat off of it! In fact, my family is paranoid to eat on it because of how crazy I am. If anyone "dings" a dish together or hits their glass on something, I about jump out of my skin!! Haha!! I love giving everyone a hard time about eating on my dishes!! I told them next year we should eat Chinese for dinner, that way everyone can use chopsticks and no one will have a knife to use on my fancy plates!!!

We all enjoyed dinner...and all eating at the table together. At one point Cruz looked up at me and said, "happy". How sweet!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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Jill said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I can't believe how much Maddox's looks are changing...he's losing his toddler looks and looks more like a big boy. I LOVE your china! I'd be paranoid about it, too! Love those peacock feather placemats too!