Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cruz's Second Birthday!

Well, first let's state the obvious....I'M SO, SO, SO BEHIND ON BLOGGING! Lots to catch you up on. But first......

Last weekend we celebrated Cruz's Second Birthday at The Little Gym. Cruz and Maddox have been taking classes there for the past 6 months and they LOVE that place!! It was a no brainer when it came time to decide what to do for Cruz's birthday! I still incorporated a "Monkeying Around" theme. I got his cake from Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe in Springdale. I adore it! I told her, "match the invites colors, I want monkeys doing gymnastics, and a big two on the top!".....

The kids had so much fun playing on all the equipment!

Cute little Bleu had a blast!

Maddox and Nikko mostly wrestled, but I managed to get a photo of a hug!

then back to wrestling...


Birthday Boy! I got his shirt of Etsy!

Sweet Avery, she is a stinker!!!!;)

Bubble time!

Saylor hanging from the bars was so cute! She is so little!

My friends!

Parachute time!

They sat Cruz in the middle to sing him Happy Birthday. I first have to explain that he HATES when you sing Happy Birthday!!! He cries, hits, and screams NO, NO, NO!!!!! Its kinda funny! So I didn't tell the instructor, I just went with it....

And he wasn't having it....

Then they got to have fun on the blow up mat:

Cake time!

Present time!

And one last picture time!

Happy Birthday Cruz!!!!!


Jill said...

That party looks like every kid's dream! And that is the cutest cake ever!

aWare said...

I forgot to say I love that cake! cute theme and cute kids! I am still laughing at Avery! I want to apologize for always spelling Cruz's name wrong...rudo! Sorry! Tell, I am sorry! Thanks for having us!