Friday, December 10, 2010


This week at The Little Gym was our last week before Christmas. We are missing next week so I went ahead and took our little teacher gifts to the boys' three teachers.

It was a card with a Starbucks gift card in it. Maddox and Cruz both really love their teachers!

Maddox took his first card to mr. Stephen. No big deal. Cruz took a card to miss Lyssa. Fine. Then I asked Maddox to take the last card to Miss Ashley. (she is blonde and cute as a button!!). Maddox delivered the card then RAN back to me and buried his head in my lap.

"why are you being shy??" I asked.

He wouldnt even look up at me!! She opened the card and said thanks and Maddox curled into a little ball like he was mortified!

Then it dawned on me.... His first little crush!;). Too cute!! When she walked away he reassured me that he didn't like girls;). Haha!!! Too late!;)

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Sara Bell said...

Awww Maddox! How sweet!

Jill said...

Ahhhhhhahahahahahaha! Busted! So cute!!!