Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just What I Was Missing;)

After missing my boys so much on our vacation, we decided to squeeze in some "quality time" activities with them today!

First it was off to see Santa! Maddox walked right up to St. Nick and immediately began telling him what he wanted (gun and legos). Cruz was a little more hesitant. But when I explained that he better go sit in his lap if he wanted to get presents, he went right on up! Ha! There were NO tears for the FIRST time!! Maddox looks a little freaked in the picture, but that's just because he cannot seem to get his "smile" right for a picture! He was not scared at all! We ate lunch at the mall, did a little shopping, then took the boys home for naps. I left and did MORE shopping....and I think I might just about be done now!

When they woke up we loaded in the car and took the kids to their first movie experience! Yogi Bear!
Of course, they got popcorn and candy and sprite!
And this is the only picture I could clearly get with my phone. Cruz was SO good!! He sat right in my lap and ate his popcorn like he had been to the movies a million times! It was too funny!!
My and my sweeties after the flick!
And just for some Holiday fun, I got some video of Maddox singing Christmas carols today!! First up is Jingle Bells! He just sings the chorus over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, can hear for yourself!

Next is "Hark the Harold". He learned this one from watching Charlie Brown. Notice he says, "Glory to the Hero King!". Then at the end he says, "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!!". Cause that's how the movie goes! Ha!
And then Cruz is rudely interrupting because he is done with his Subway sandwich;). He is yelling, "ALL DONE" then throws it at me. And in case you can't hear him, Cruz tells me Santa says, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!"

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Ashley said...

Oh my these are just precious girl!!! Those boys are too cute!