Monday, December 20, 2010

Try This Wrap!

I was at my friend Crystals a few weeks ago and noticed her adorable wrapping paper! All of her presents coordinated and had cute bands around them. I asked her where she bought the bands, and when she told me her friend Sarah Lauren taught her how to make them, I decided to do the same thing to my gifts! It's super easy and adds a little something extra to your wrap!

First, buy two coordinating wraps. I did leopard and red, which i had a ton of left over from last year. I love leopard because it matches my tree!

I wrapped the first gift in leopard. Then cut a strip of red about two inches wide and wrapped it around the box. Then tied tulle around that. (I love using fluffy tool instead of traditional curling ribbon or bows. It looks so pretty!).

Then alternate colors on next box....wrapping first in red, then band in leopard, and tie with tulle!

It just makes the presents all go together so nicely! Like I said, I used this wrap last year, but my presents look MUCH cuter with the new bands!!!

Merry Wrapping!!!

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Happiness Is... said...

That is such a good idea. I must remember for next year!