Sunday, January 16, 2011

So, Snow Fun

Just like the rest of the country, we had snow last week! I couldn't wait to put the boys in their snow suits and spend a day playing outside. We didn't get a ton of snow, but it was still enough to enjoy!

Maddox was ready to go! We got him dressed and he was out the door!

Cruz on the other hand, he was ticked off from the moment we put the snow suit on. I guess he didn't like being bundled up? But I thought SURELY once he realized how fun snow was, he would get over it!!

Maddox immediately plopped right down and started making a snow angel. I didn't even know he knew how to do that! Wonder where he learned that??

As I took a picture of Maddox, Cruz followed me, still ticked off.

So, we moved on. Got our sled out and headed to the hills of the golf course. Maddox couldn't WAIT to go down!!Cruz, he was miserable. He didn't want any part of the "fun".

But, being the "mean" mommy that I am, I made Cruz sled anyways. I thought he would like it, and then he would quit crying!!So I pushed them down......Maddox cheered......Cruz cried LOUDER!!!!Time to go home!! Oh well! We tried! We did gather enough snow to make some snow cream. Maddox and Cruz BOTH loved that!!


kimmie said... this post! I was cracking up!! My Maddox didn't care to much for the snow either and I could just see him doing the same as Cruz!! Too funny!!

I've been wondering too how they know to do things when you didn't have a clue they knew how to do it!!

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Karen At Home said...

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Jill said...

Ok, I'm giggling over the totally stupid comment someone left above. Boycott American Women?...And he put it on an American woman's blog? What a loser. I hate comment spam.

Anyhoo, these are such cute pics! I must say, I'm feeling a little like Cruz about the snow these days. I'm so over it! And how can it be that I've never had snow icecream? I'm totally gonna try some of that! Getting clean snow is going to be the tricky part...with Brinks around here. :-)