Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Boys Lately

Oh, my sweet boys! I just love em to pieces! So lets do a little catch up on them! Santa brought the boys a table and chair set about two years ago. I've had it up in my game room and it has gotten zero use (unless you count Cruz using it to climb onto the pool table).

Friday night we had friends over so I brought it down for the kids to eat on. Cruz LOVED it. You would have thought it was brand new. Both boys have eaten every meal at this table since. Guess it is permenantly downstairs! Why didn't I think of this before! Bye-bye high chair!!

So what else have we been up to?? Wellll, let me think:

Cruz: Cruz went to his LAST pulmonolgy appointment yesterday. He has totally outgrown all of his lung problems! No more inhalers! Praise God! He is still just a lil guy...only wieghing in at 21 pounds at 20 months. Where does he get this metabolism??? I'm serious...I want some!
He is talking up a storm. I'm not going to bother listing words he can say because he can say them all. If you say, "Cruz, say _____" he will repeat whatever word you tell him back to you. When something breaks, he says, "brote, six it" for "broke, fix it". I love when he does that.
He can say "Maddis" for Maddox. He loves his brother. Whatever Maddox does, Cruz is right behind him, which can be scary! Cruz has NO fear. If Maddox jumps off the deck, Cruz does. Whick looks crazy cause he is such a runt!
He can hold his own though. If Maddox ticks him off Cruz doesn't think twice to slap him in the face and grab a chunk of hair...something we are working on:). I'm a little nervous about starting him back to Mothers Day Out..hoping he's not a bully!
But the sweet side is he is still a Momma's boy who gives out kisses like there is no tomorrow. I love that too. He still needs his "bots", which is what he calls his blankie. He is a good sleeper and a sweet baby in the morning. He says, "hold you" when he wants to be held, and it melts my heart every time.
Maddox: Oh, my sweet sweet little terrible three year old!:) He is keeping Momma on her toes lately. I couldn't beging to catch up on most things this child does or gets into....
Here are some basics, we are potty training and it is going pretty well. Yesterday, no accidents! Today, not so great. But overall I can't complain.
Since we have changed his crib to a toddler bed all hell has broken loose. I don't know what set this child off but sleep has never been the same. It is a battle at night and at naps. And I don't mean a little crying. I mean we could be on an episode of the super nanny. He goes ballistic, cries, has ripped things off the wall, torn things up in his room (I'm embarrassed to even admit this stuff cause he sounds crazy!), even turned over furniture!! Anything to get us to come up there. Its aweful! He used to be a perfect sleeper. What happened, I thought he would love the toddler bed. He even has to sleep with EVERY light on...even hall lights. I know this is rediculous...I welcome any suggestions cause we are at our wits end!
Okay, I need to get off that subject.....deep breath....exhale........soooo, we start back to mothers day out next week and Maddox is very excited for "school". Not nearly as much as me! He is ready to see his little friends. We've been stuck in this house so much with the heat, I think school will be a nice change.
Random fact, Maddox is left handed. So wierd to me, I don't know why that's wierd, but it is!
He is a good big brother. He is getting to where I appreciate him "telling on" his brother when Cruz is doing something that could be dangerous. He is always looking out for him. Its cute! They play pretty good together MOST times. I catch Maddox sharing with him even when I didn't ask him to, and that makes me proud;).
Here are some photos from a few days ago. We filled up the baby pool and let them play with the water hose. They had a blast. Maddox loved squirting Cruz with the hose, and Cruz thought it was so funny!

Happy Tuesday!
PS! I'm getting a blog make over REAL soon!!!!!!


Jill said...

They're adorable! I'm cracking up over Maddox spraying his brother! HAHAHAHA!!! You know, all 3 of my kids had to sleep with night lights around the age of 3. Nathan and Kennedy still do. When Ethan was 3, he got terrified of his room, so I strung multi-colored Christmas tree lights all over his room. It looked like a circus tent by the time I got done. He loved it and I didn't have any trouble with him staying in his room after that. Every kid is so different, though. Kennedy has a little night-light, but Nate wants his room totally lit-up. I don't even know how he sleeps with it so bright. Whatever works, I say!

Kimberley said...

the super nanny comment cracked me up! i wish i had the perfect solution for ya. is this a recent change? maybe he just needs time to adjust. easy for me to say, huh? when we converted from a crib to toddler bed, jacob would wake up in the middle of the night and come to our room. we made many trips back to his room. and still do on occasion. oh, and since you said blog makeover, i just noticed it says merry christmas. hehe! :)