Friday, August 20, 2010

Fair=Fun, Lake=Not So Fun

This week is the Benton County Fair is this week, so us and our friends the Hamptons took our kids for some good ole fair fun!

On the way in I took this picture of Maddox because it was so cute...a little butterfly landed on his finger and would not fly away. He got to hold it for a long time..cuteness;) We bought our tickets and were off to ride some kiddie rides! Here is little Ashlynn:

Maddox on the Flintsone ride:

After a few rides we did what we really came to do...EAT. First up, corn dogs!!!

After that, time for a few more rides. Serenity and I took the babies on the Carousel. Cruz loved it!

Maddox was fearless on the rides, he wanted to do all of the roller coasters!!

Played a few games....what a quick way to loose $5!

Maddox BEGGED to go on this bounce house the whole time we were there. When we finally let him go he climbed in, went up the first hill, and froze. The carnie man was yelling at him to go down the slide and Maddox wouldn't budge. He said he was "too scary". Hahaha! He got right back out and went on a much smaller one!

Cruz got to do a bounce house too!

And there was a petting zoo:

I love the Fair!!

Today we decided to get up early and go out on the boat...just our family of four. We planned to go have lunch at the marina, swim, and then bring the kids home for a nap. Sounds like a perfect day.
However, with the insane heat wave and lack of rain.....the lake was waaaay down. When we got to the dock we tried to lower the boat down and it was just too shallow. So, we took a quick picture that the boys fought me on(see below) and left:(.

On the drive back up to the main road I noticed butterflies flying all over these purple flowers...I had David stop so I could take a picture. When I hoped out of the car I heard sticks crack, I looked up and a deer was running off! So neat!

I started snapping a few pics, trying to be arty with my fancy camera that I don't know how to really use.

As I was taking pictures I heard a loud snort behind me....(everyone was waiting on me in the car). I turned around and that deer was staring at me!! I tried to get a can kinda see him below. He is smack dab in the middle of the shot. The little brown spot:). We looked at each other for a long time and then he finally ran off. It was pretty amazing!!

So, our lake trip was a bit disappointing. We took the kids to the local Susie Q Malt Shop for burgers and shakes. That made it a little better of day!!


Kimberley said...

Good times at the fair! Can you believe I saw your Maddox and thought "he looks familiar". HAHA! Then I saw you and the rest of your gang. To get your attention, I would've had to yell, and I'm pretty sure you would've thought "what the world?!" :) Plus maybe not a polite way to meet. HEHE! I had my hands full feeding Levi and keeping up with tickets, money, stroller, Jacob, camera, husband, etc... :)

Rachel said...

Cute post!! We love Susie Q!

Jill said...

I love fair time! Around here, it brings out all the crazies, but I don't care, I love it anyway. I think deer are so pretty. There was a mother deer in our yard the other day with her THREE babies! Triplets! So cute! I don't know about the snort thing though. Maybe he was getting ready to eat you. Hee-hee! Kidding.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I stopped by :) You pictures are fabulous !! I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more !!

kimmie said...

Just found your blog and saw that you have a son named too...looks like they are about the same age...your boys are too cute!!