Monday, August 30, 2010

Frisco Fest 2010

This past weekend was our towns annual festival, Frisco Fest. It's held every August in the downtown area. It is always fun, but this year I realized that it is exactly the same every year. I literally could have reposted last years blog on the same weekend. We parked in the same spot, walked the same path, did the same activities, sat on the same bench to eat was quite comical. I can prove how similar the last year and this year were:

2009, Gandad and Cruz:
2010, Gandad and Cruz:

2009, Maddox picked an apple for his snack:

2010, Maddox picked popcorn for his snack:

2009, Maddox played model trains:

2010, Maddox played model trains:

2009, Maddox rode some rides:

2010, Maddox rode some rides:

2009, Maddox got to spray a fire hose:

2010, Maddox got to spray a fire hose:

2009, Ganmommy waited in line with Maddox:

2010, Ganmommy waited in line with Maddox:

You get the idea....ha! Fun non the less!! Hope every one is having a great Monday!

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