Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whats For Dinner??

That's on my mind right now....what am I going to make? Looks like its gonna be a taco night! Have ya'll tried those new Bush's Grilling Beans. They make a black bean fiesta that is good with tacos. I think we'll have that tonight!

There are two recipes of mine that I ALWAYS get asked for. I mean ALWAYS!! It totally doesn't bother me. I love to share. They are both chicken recipes and they are both crock pot recipes and they are both SUPER easy! I'm going to share them with ya'll today and maybe you can try it out next week. Let me know what you think!

First is Easy Barbeque Chicken:
In a crockpot put 6 frozen chicken breast, 2 cans of coke, and one bottle of barbeque sauce. Cook all day. It will be falling apart by dinner time. I serve it with mashed potatoes and baked beans. My family eats it UP!!!

Second is, well, I don't have a name for it. I'll call it Amy's Crockpot Chicken;):
In crockpot put 4 frozen chicken breasts, half a stick of butter, a packet of Italian Dressing seasoning, and a block of cream cheese. Cook all day. It is absolutely the best chicken.
Serve over rice! YUM! It's my hubby's fave.

Now I'm wishing I would have thought of this earlier and had one of these for dinner!! Hope you'll try one out and let me know what you think!


Kimberley said...

Oh I'll try and let you know! Thanks for sharing, I am the worst at coming up with ideas for dinner. My poor family gets the same thing all the time. These sound simple and easy to do, right up my alley!

Jill said...

Oh man, those sound sooooo good! I love getting recipes that people have already tried and know are good. Might throw one of those on this weekend!

Growing up Gwyneth said...

THanks for sharing those!!! If you have more...put them on here. I am trying the "Amy's Crockpot Chicken" this weekend!!!! You just made Sunday dinner very easy for me...Thanks girl!