Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Little Cruzy has become OBSESSED with pens.

He finds them every where. I can't seem to hide them fast enough.

He "cowerts" (which is how he cutely says "color") on EVERYTHING. Doors, chairs, couch, any piece of paper he can find, multiple books....he is a disaster with pen in hand.

I can't even get him to take a crayon instead...he only wants to use PENS!

And look who's going to be a lefty just like big brother Maddox!
ps...some of my visitors are experiencing some technical difficulties with the new blog layout....we'll have it fixed as soon as possible:)!! (in case your wondering, for some people you have to scroll way down to see the first post).
Now, I'm off to watch Big Brother! Its raining here after a 6 week drought....I can't wait to curl up in bed with some rain and good TV!
Hope everyone has a great night!

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Jill said...

He's such a cutie...and you are SO going to have pen all over everything! HA!! Rain sounds so nice! We were supposed to get thunderstorms today. It sprinkled for like two minutes and that was it. I'm bummed.