Friday, August 13, 2010

Running Out of Things to Do

I'm over summer. I'm over the heat. We are running out of things to do. Its so hot we can only play outside early in the morning and then it is just too miserable. Today's high is 100 degrees. YUCK.

We've done the pool, sprinkler, water table, water hose, play dough, colors, movies, you name it. Now we are just bored. Being bored will drive you to think of some weird things to entertain your kids.

Today I decided to fill up a bucket with dish soap and water. I don't know why. They like bubbles, they like water, why not combine the two. Kept them entertained for a while and I could work on my plants before it got too hot. I managed to get some pics as well.

What started off as pretty good sharing and good fun eventually turned into a big mess and fighting. I seriously couldn't help but laugh and take pics. I mean, just scroll down and you will see what I mean.
Happy Friday!


Brandi said...

I'm soooo over it too!! About to go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Growing up Gwyneth said...

The story is cute....but the pictures TELL IT ALL!!! I love it!

Jill said...

HAHAHAHA!!! They are so cute!! And I couldn't agree more with you about being over all this heat. It's miserable and we're out of things to do, too. Bring on fall!

Love your new profile pic, btw!