Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trip to Fort Worth

Went to visit my bestie, Amber, in Fort Worth this week. Do you know we did not take one photo of the two of us while I was there!!?! What were we thinking. I'll recap on what we did though:)...using the Internet to fill in the pictures I DIDN'T take...we'll see how this turns out!

  • First Day, First Stop: Love this place. We bought a TON of stuff for Ambers new house here. So much so that we barely fit it in the car. We had to move her kids to the third row, pile boxes in the second row (so high we couldn't see the kids), and had a chair in between us in the front row...hilarious!!

  • Second day we took the kids here:
  • And Amber and I did this:

    (and no, i didn't look even close to this glamorous, but a girl can dream...)

  • That night Josh watched the kids and we went shopping and I picked up some great stuff from Sam Moon and a store called Upscale. Then we went to the Stockyards and had some yummy Mexican food. I just loved being with my best friend in the whole world! I sure do miss her!!!

  • The next morning I had to head home:(. Once I got home I got my camera out and snapped some pics for the blog. So here are MY Ikea finds:

I texted Kirsten who is currently working on my Master Bedroom a picture of these two frames that I absolutely fell in love with. I asked her if they would look good in the room. She immediately knew where they were from (and had bought some for herself already, ha!). She instructed me to buy them and said we would paint them cream and put the boys silhouettes in them! yay, so excited, aaannndd, they were only $30 a piece!! Here they are, and they are pretty big!

I bought this random hanger for my scarves, it was like $5, something I never knew I needed!

Maddox is deathly afraid of the dark. I thought these night lights at Ikea were too cute. They have flowers, stars, moons, you name it. I got a bug:

Bought a ton of dresses at the store I was telling you about called Upscale. Don't let the name fool you....these babies were under $50!!!

I know David appreciates all this money I save him (insert sarcasm here, wink, wink). But seriously....I got some good deals on this trip!
Thanks Amber for a good time! Can't wait to come again!!!! Love you!!!!


Jill said...

I'm glad you got to see your bff! That sounds like a really fun trip. I have never been to Ikea. There isn't one around here. Never heard of the other stores you mentioned, but I sure do LOVE those dresses you bought!!! Gorgeous! Love the frames too!

Tara Gibson said...

love all your finds! I have been wanting one of those picture frames for months and everytime i go to ikea they are out of them haha! Love the dresses of course!

Lindsey said...

I am OBSESSED with Ikea!!!!